AMT Rotary Drum Pumps – Off-the-Shelf, Available for 24hr Shipment!

Posted on by Sara Springer

AMT Pump LogoAll Units Include Discharge Spout, Bung Adapter and Suction Tube Assembly.

AMT Rotary Drum pumps are offered in a variety of construction materials for dispensing most types of liquids and chemicals.  AMT Rotary Drum pumps are designed for pumping liquids compatible with pump component materials.  AMT Drum pumps are capable of handling compatible liquids with a maximum 5000 SSU viscosity at minimum 60ºF liquid temperature (Equivalent to SAE 40 motor oil).  Click a blue title to view pump specs and pricing.

AMT Rotary Drum Pump Models:AMT Rotary Drum Pump

All Models are Self-priming and Include Suction and Discharge Tube

Model 5270-98 Features:

• 316 Stainless Steel Construction with Teflon® Seals and Carbon Vanes

Models 4820-95 and 5540-95 Features:

• Cast Iron Construction with Buna-N Seals and Carbon Vanes

Delivers 8 GPM (5540-95)

Delivers 5 GPM (4820-95)

Model 4942-99 Features:

• Ryton® Construction with Viton® Seals and Carbon Vanes

Model 4946-99 Features:

• Polypropylene Construction with Teflon® Seals and Ryton Vanes

Model 5150-96 Features:

• Aluminum Lobe Pump with Machined Steel Lobes and Buna-N Seals

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