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  1. Springer Parts Has Your Replacement Mechanical Seals and Components!

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    Are you looking for a replacement mechanical seal or component? Springer Parts has the part you are looking for.  

    We have hundreds of products that fit your name brand equipment, you can find our extensive list of brands here.  

    Our OEM and aftermarket Seal Replacements, Seal Components, and Seal Upgrades are competitively priced, typically 20-40% less than OEM. Performance specifications and warranty meet or exceed OEM. 

    Parts we carry: 

    • Seals 
    • Static faces 
    • Rotating faces 
    • Springs 
    • Elastomers 

    Springer Parts also has a search tool for entering exact or partial product numbers for quick part ordering. Still stumped about the part you need? Contact Springer Parts here. 


  2. SuperKlean is Super Stocked for 2022

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    The unpredictability of the U.S. supply chain has many companies feeling the pressure, and scrambling for supplies but not SuperKlean.  

    With 30 years in business, the folks at SuperKlean have weathered many global challenges over the years and strategized long-term company needs when they decided to bulk up their inventory at the beginning of 2019. Fast forward to today’s market demands, the company proudly reports both their California and Ontario warehouses are fully stocked with 6 months of hot water washdown products ready for delivery. Orders continue to ship out without delays, most items are available for same-day shipping. 

    SuperKlean has also announced its new pricing that will begin on January 1st, 2022. Orders are still being honored at current prices through the end of 2021. Place your SuperKlean order today and receive your products quickly from a company that is ready and waiting. 


  3. Ace Sanitary Offers New Hose to Replace TRS Model

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    Ace Sanitary has announced a new, improved hose, the new TRP series as a replacement for their TRS series. 

    • TRP has a PTFE liner compared to the TRS FEP liner 
    • TRS will be available in longer production lengths. 
    • TRP series assemblies will be available in 2022. 
    • TRS series assemblies will be available until stock is depleted. 

    To place an order for TRS assemblies or to learn more about the new TRP series, contact Springer Pumps today. 


  4. Got Dairy? Improve Your Process with INOXPA

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    Milk, cheese, yogurt…the joy of dairy products at a meal is undeniable.  However, the intricate process of getting these items from cow to table is challenging, until INOXPA® found a complete solution. 

    From beginning to end, INOXPA® can take milk and create a complete system to meet your dairy processing needs. So, what can they offer you?  

    • Mixing equipment including solids/liquids blender.  
    • Measure exact weights for recipes during your process 
    • Solid feeder systems featuring big bag mixing stations that massage products and can include a bag cutting system for reduced waste while streamlining manufacturing. 
    • Heat treatment via pasteurizer and heater or temperature controller 
    • Cooling systems 
    • Valve manifolds for both raw and finished product transportation 
    • Pumps and Valves 
    • Fully Automated mini plants & systems 
    • Milk vats 
    • Fermentation tanks 
    • Powder blenders 

    If you need a reliable product from a leader in dairy manufacturing you have found it in INOXPA.  Reach out to Springer Pumps® today to receive an INOXPA® quote today. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer. 


  5. Buy Your Replacement Pump Parts and Kits from SPRINGER PARTS!

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    Just like anything else that is used frequently, pumps need parts replaced and changed out. Where to get these essential items for your equipment? Just go to! 

    Springer Parts has Repair, Rebuild and Service kits for popular Pumps, Mixer, and other process equipment. What specific types of kits do we offer our clients? Here is a quick list: 

    Springer Parts offers quick ship times, often next day (not guaranteed). Our replacements are high quality, come with warranties comparable to OEM products and competitively priced 20-40%.  

    Think Parts. Think Springer. 



  6. Clean Hazardous Locations with GRACO’s Pneumatic Pressure Washer

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    If you work in hazardous locations, it can be a challenge to source equipment. Thanks to GRACO’S HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer, you can clean these areas in a safe, efficient manner. 

    The HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer is portable, making it easy to wash equipment in place and anywhere on your site. This includes underground locations, on land or sea. Do you have a volatile manufacturing environment? Then you need one of these pressure washers. 

    GRACO reports this new HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer uses less water, takes less time to clean and has a longer life than competitors.  

    Features to note: 


    • Up to 4,500 psi (310.3 bar) 
    • ATEX approved for hazardous locations 


    • Use with cold or hot water up to 160°F (71°C) 
    • PPE friendly large pressure controls 
    • Includes 5 fan pattern spray tips for various applications 


    • SST pump withstands cleaning chemicals and untreated water 
    • High-quality Graco piston pump technology 
    • Strongest tubular steel cart on the market 

    Simplify your hazardous pressure washing needs with GRACO’s HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer. For more information, please reach out to Springer Pumps today. 



  7. Place Your Ace Sanitary Orders by November 30th Before Prices Increase!

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    Ace Sanitary has announced a price increase after November 30th, 2021. Due to obvious reasons, these changes are unavoidable. Thankfully, Ace Sanitary has given us plenty of notice and are honoring their current pricing for the rest of the month, increasing its prices by roughly 6.5% starting December 1st, 2021. 

    Take a moment and look at what you need to order for your operation, then give Springer Pumps a call. The folks at Ace Sanitary look forward to processing as many orders to their loyal customers by the November deadline. 

    It is also important to note the cost of raw materials including silicone and PTFE resin are fluctuating weekly so we recommend taking advantage of current prices while they are still at a set price. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer. 




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    Your business is rugged, the kind that needs a beast pump to process its products.  Your current pump is feeling the stress from transferring slurries and the abrasives you pump are pushing your equipment to its limits. What do you do? You check out the latest offer from GRACO®. 

    Introducing GRACO’s Husky 3300e Electric Double Diaphragm Pump. This piece of equipment can pump an impressive 220 gallons per minute, featuring a 3-inch inlet/outlet. In addition to its powerful processing capabilities, the Husky 3300e runs without an air compressor, cutting energy usage by up to 80%!  

    But wait, there is more! This workhorse of a pump also can run dry, self-primes, and will stall under pressure. It is available with either a standard AC motor or an ATEX/hazardous location approved motor making it ideal for a variety of industrial applications. 

    For more information about the GRACO® Husky 3300e Electric Double Diaphragm Pump contact Springer Pumps®. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer.



  9. Well-Greased: Hidrostal’s Automatic Greasers

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    Have you ever had the joy of manually greasing your pump? It is safe to say it is not always a fun, clean, or fast process. Your aggravation is now a thing of the past thanks to Hidrostal’s new automatic greasers. 

    With an automatic greaser by Hidrostal®, your business will save on maintenance costs as well as downtime. Each unit is filled with Staburags NBU 8 EP grease which is factory recommended.  

    Hidrostal estimates you will get an ENTIRE YEAR of use from just one automatic greaser. Their calculations are based on a 12-month cycle with pumps operating for 12 hours a day. Now that’s a lot of grease. If your pump is running for longer periods of time up to 6,500+ hours, Hidrostal recommends consulting an expert before purchasing one of their automatic greasers.  

    Overall, this automatic greaser by Hidrostal is ideal for those seeking minimal maintenance, hassle-free process.  

    For more information about Hidrostal’s automatic greasers or any of their other quality products, contact Springer Pumps. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer Pumps®


  10. FREE Positive Displacement Sealless Pump WEBINAR 11.4.21 by PUMPS & SYSTEMS

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    Traditional Pumps periodically require maintenance with worn seals or packing. This unfortunately can often be time-consuming and costly to any facility using these pieces of equipment. Some manufacturers are transitioning to Positive Displacement Sealless Pumps as an alternative solution. 

    If you are interested in switching up your equipment but aren’t informed enough to decide? Then take advantage of the latest educational offering through Pump & Systems Magazine’s online seminar:  How Does a Positive Displacement Pump Work & When should it be used? 

    Hosted by Wanner Engineering, this free event takes place on November 4th, 2021. Can’t make that date? They will send you a link to listen to it later.  


    • Learning how to eliminate leak paths (includes processing VOCs) 
    • Addressing low to high viscosity fluids 
    • Running your pump dry 
    • Pumping abrasive materials 

    Take advantage of some free education and see how a Positive Displacement Sealless Pump could be the solution you are looking for by signing up today.