TEA Heaters for Ready Mix Industry

Posted on by Sara Springer

TEA Direct Contact Water Heaters

Ready Mix Concrete Plants

TEA Direct Contact Water Heaters have proven themselves as being more than capable to supply all the hot water needs for the Ready Mix industry. The following paragraphs explain the unique differences of what TEA supplies over the competition.

TEA is the only manufacturer to offer a fully removable top. This offers full diameter access for internal servicing. Other heaters only allow internal access through exhaust stack ports.

Both the burner and the combustion zones offer high-velocity flow channel jacket cooling. The jacket utilizes flow channels to direct cooling water in a serpentine flow pattern through the unit. This prevents the inner liner of the heater from reaching the high temperatures of combustion, which in turn ensures a long service life for the metal containment wall.


Tea Superheater Direct Contact Water Heater
TEA Direct Contact Water Heater

TEA ships the freshwater manifold fully assembled tested and mounted. The control valves allow full range ability from high demand conditions (100%) to low hot water needs (25%). This is a true 4:1 turndown ratio to match a plants flow-rate with full burner temperature control. Competitive heaters can only operate at rated water flows of the spray nozzle. A change of flow results in thermal cycling, a major cause of metal failure. The exclusive flow distributors maintain a uniform flow of water over the entire heat exchange zone. As a result, they provide protection regardless of incoming water flow rates or pressures.

Competitive units rely on “Spray Nozzles” to distribute water over the heat exchanger zone, which requires constant pressure and flow rates. With flow distributors, they are able to fully modulate both the water flow and burner fire rates. This provides superior turndown abilities and performance. Competitive “Spray Nozzle” units can only modulate burner fire rates; if they don’t maintain the proper flow rate and water pressure their performance suffers and can even cause physical damage to the heater. Another benefit of the TEA flow distributors is that they, unlike spray nozzles, don’t wear, never require replacement and will never plug.


TEA’s “SUPERHEATER” is the ultimate in Direct Contact Water Heaters. The unit is shipped fully assembled except the burner and transfer pump. One of the very important reasons for doing this factory assembly is the fact that we test each unit before it leaves our facility. The heater is pre-piped and the control panel is mounted with wiring being terminated to all points, except the burner. This additional, costly work on our part sharply reduces your field installation time and costs, while ensuring a quicker, smoother start-up.