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Graco SaniForce Drum Unloaders Easily Evacuate 99% of Drum Content

Posted on by Sara Springer

Empty Drums in Less Time, Using Less LaborGraco SaniForce 12:1 Drum Unloader Package

Graco SaniForce Drum Unloaders handle most liquid types in drums of varying sizes and shapes. Using a set of pneumatic rams and a plate, liquids are forced into the pump inlet, so even non-flowing liquids can be emptied with ease. No more scooping or pouring!  Save time and labor costs!  Different pump options exist and trial units are available. Contact Springer Pumps today for more information.

SaniForce Drum Unloader Features:

  • 99% evacuation rate
  • Quick disassembly/reassembly
  • Straight or tapered/conical drum compatible
  • Handles extreme viscosities

Download the SaniForce Drum Unloader Brochure (pdf)

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View the Video Below to See the SaniForce Drum Unloader in Action:

Can You Pump Tomato Paste? Yes, We Can!

View the Video Below for an Overview of the Complete SaniForce Product Line from Graco:

Graco SaniForce 2 0 Launch Event