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Newly Launched FBF North American HQ for Better Service and Support

Posted on by Sara Springer

FBF North America Logo and Slogan

FBF Italia is proud to introduce FBF North America our North American hub for homogenizers and p.d. pumps located in Wisconsin, responsible for Sales, Service and Spare Parts.

FBF Italia Homogenizer


Since 1987, FBF ITALIA has designed and manufactured high-pressure homogenizers and positive displacement piston pumps. Their leadership and industry expertise are evidenced by a worldwide presence. They successfully serve over 125 countries through 23 authorized service and sales centers. FBF’s customer commitment is further supported by the wear resistance of their components, and an effective service program. They are a key partner to engineering companies, process systems integrators, manufacturers and end-users working in a variety of industries such as dairy, ice cream, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. The basis of their success is the direct relationship established between themselves and their customers; a bond that continues to grow and evolve. Continuous innovation, strict quality controls and stress tests are just a few tenets of their philosophy that guarantee the high quality and reliability of their products

A COMPLETE range of applications.


FBF homogenizers guarantee a more stable, digestible and uniformly dispersed product. Homogenized products improve the shelf-life, taste and aesthetic appearance. There is an array of models, with a capacity ranging from 16 to 16,000 gph and pressures from 1,450 to 21,800 psi, making their products suitable for a large variety of applications even laboratories. All of their machines can be 3A certified and are electrically pre-disposed for ULCSA local certification.

Springer Pumps is an authorized distributor for FBF North America.