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The Plant Workhorse: Whirling International’s WL Series Screw Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Are you looking for your next workhorse pump? Whirling International has you covered with their heavy-duty WL Pump Series. Ideal for most challenging applications, the WL Series Pumps like to get dirty with Polymer feed, Adhesives, Abrasives Slurry, Fracking and Drilling, and Wastewater Treatment Processes. 

These progressive cavity single eccentric screw pumps are modular in design, providing the luxury of 1-3 stages depending on assembly. This feature allows users to obtain pressure levels of 75psi, 150psi, or 255psi, depending on the stator and rotor length per individual pump. 

The rotor-stator assembly forms internal sealed cavities every 180 degrees filled with the desired pumped materials. During the rotor rotation, the opposite cavities fill as the others empty in a smooth equal proportion. The Continuous operation of the equipment generates fluid displacement from the suction to the discharge. This action provides constant flow free of pulsations or positive displacement. 

Additional features of Whirling International’s WL Series Pumps: 

Grey Iron casting, 4140 internal shafts, rotor, nitrile stator. Packed pump*

Stainless Steel Castings and internals, nitrile stator. Packed pump*

Special features: 

  • Carbon steel base plate 
  • Stainless Steel base plate 
  • Mechanical Seal option is available* 
  • Different grades of elastomers. Viton, EPDM, Natural Rubber, Teflon 
  • We can supply complete pumps with base, gearbox, and motor upon request 


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