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Ruhrpumpen CPO-L ASME/ANSI PumpRUHRPUMPEN makes the CPO and CPO-L (coming soon) to meet or exceed ASME/ANSI B 73.1 specifications. The CPO-L will be available later in 2017 and is a low flow, high head model. RUHRPUMPEN CPO models offer standard features that the competition sell as add-ons. There are only three power ends to simplify the selection process and reduce costs. They are interchangeable with other manufacturer’s models.


  • No breather to knock off. Design incorporates Inpro seals at the thrust bearings that eliminate the need for the “breather”
  • Bearing area has a groove in it to drain oil back to sump
  • Externally adjustable micrometer adjustment to impeller clearance
  • Low L/D ratio
  • Angular Contact Thrust Bearings
  • Large material footprint
  • Bore : Large/ Small/ Tapered

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Download the RUHRPUMPEN CPO/CPO-L Brochure Here