IPPE 2019 Wrap Up

Posted on by Sara Springer
IPPE 2019

IPPE was an exciting and interesting show as usual. It seems as if anything that could be made chicken themed, was! Including the show favorite “Chicken Poop” chapstick and the Thomas Pump Mardi Gras “Chicken” Beads.

Thomas Pump and Machinery was there along with Thermal Engineering of Arizona (TEA), Graco Inc, and Q-Pumps.

The 2019 IPPE show was as always a big success. In our 34th consecutive year, we have seen a lot of changes and this year was no different. While attendance was down we saw a lot of old friends and made many new ones. The addition of the AMI was a great move as it added interest in meats other than Poultry.” -Jim Thomas, Thomas Pump

IPPE Wrap Up


New connections were made with various customers and vendors, and lots of information was exchanged. If you have never been to the show, we highly suggest you attend next year!