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UET Mixers Solve Difficult Mixing Applications with XCEL Series Agitators

Posted on by Sara Springer

If you are in an industry that demands rugged mixing equipment for your fluid handling needs, UET Mixers® has the solution you’re looking for, their XCEL Series Agitators.  UET Mixers® sets the bar high with thorough research and execution when designing their equipment. Using information from proprietary mixer design software, computational fluid dynamics, and decades […]

UET Mixers for New Applications & Retrofits

Posted on by Sara Springer

UET Mixers specializes in engineered solutions to your mixing needs. Established in 1989, they offer a full line of high quality mixing products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mineral, and water treatment industries. Their core competency is their engineering expertise and outstanding ability to solve any mixing problem.

100% Leakproof, Sealless Mixers from Magna-Safe

Posted on by Sara Springer

Magnetic Drives are the safest solution for hazardous vapor emissions and to prevent contamination of product. Brand new mixers and agitators are available, customized to your system. Magna-Safe will retrofit and recondition your existing mechanical seal mixer using mag-drive technology. Reuse your existing wetted parts. Or upgrade to new, more efficient and high productivity impeller technology.