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MasoSine Process Pumps: Food Pumping Perfected

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

MasoSine Food Process Pump Series: The Pumps of Choice for the Food Industry MasoSine offers the perfect food and beverage pump to increase performance and minimize cost. These lines include the MasoSine SPS and EcoSine Series. The lower shear, gentle pumping action of the sinusoidal rotor design means safe transfers of delicate food. These lines of […]

New Stainless Steel Power Frames for New & Existing SPS Series Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

The Stainless Steel Power Frame adds 3A certification for CIP to the SPS pump line and, because of Watson Marlow’s efforts to reduce costs, it is available for same price as the original cast iron power frame. SPS pumps in existing applications can be easily retrofitted with the new power frame as well. To learn more about the SPS line of pumps from MasoSine download the Brochure below or send Springer Pumps an inquiry.