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Koolant Koolers Keeps Your System Consistently Chilled Out

Posted on by Sara Springer

We like it consistently frosty here at SPRINGER PUMPS®. Many of our clients also require constant cold temperatures within their process line, often creating a unique set of challenges. Koolant Koolers® offers a solution with chillers that apply to many industries, maintaining steady cold temperatures for sections or complete systems. Manufacturing out of Michigan, Koolant […]

Ace Sanitary’s Wrap-Rite Provides Quick Insulation Install for Hot Hoses

Posted on by Sara Springer

Your production line runs hot, especially your equipment.  Many complications can present themselves when working with constant high temperatures.  As a leading manufacturer in industrial hoses, Ace Sanitary® has invented a solution to help keep parts of your system insulated and safe with its latest product: Wrap-Rite™. Wrap-Rite™ is an insulated wrap for items ranging […]

Defining Boiler Efficiency

Posted on by Sara Springer

How efficient is your water heating system? There are many ways to measure boiler efficiency. Most are based on one part of the system and not the whole. This article by TEA explains the different ways efficiency is measured and defines the best way to determine true Boiler Efficiency. COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY Combustion Efficiency is an […]