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  1. Lithium Battery Process Pumps from Warren Rupp Sandpiper

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    AODD Pump Configuration for the Lithium Battery Industry

    Designed to Prevent Battery Process Contamination

    Sandpiper Pump For Lithium Batteries

    We recognize that keeping the cathode and anode slurry contaminant-free is critical to producing quality battery systems. To help ensure the integrity of the battery, we can produce our metal and plastic AODD pumps with compliant materials that do not contain contaminating materials like copper, iron, and zinc.

    Max Flow Rate
    The S20 is the world leader in maximum flow rate with up to 32% higher capacity, allowing you to get your work done faster.

    Air Consumption
    The S30 requires up to 56% less air to operate, reducing the load on your compressed air system and lowering operating costs.

    Air Economy
    SANDPIPER’s Metallic Standard Duty pumps provide up to 2.5 times more gallons pumped for every cubic foot of air supplied


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    Battery Cell Production Process

  2. Ace Sanitary F-Series Food Grade Hose

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    Ace Sanitary supplies flexible fluid transfer connections primarily for use in FDA-regulated production facilities.

    Ace’s Food and Dairy industry-related products assist with liquid, powder, and oil-related transfer. When paired with their patented SealRite hose couplers, their Food Grade Hose and Fittings are CIP-able for Bulk Chemical, Steam, and other CIP-related usages.

    The Ace Sanitary F-Series Food Grade Hose line boasts features including extreme flexibility, suction and discharge, low friction covers, kink resistance, and includes High-Temperature Food Grade Hose. The F-Series is suitable for uses pertaining to Food Grade Water Hose, Railcar Loading/Unloading, Common industrial chemicals, Brewery/Dry Hopping, Sugar Transfer, and for use with other wet or dry abrasive materials.

    FRH Raised Helix Hose FRH Raised Helix Food Grade Hose

    Product Description

    This hose is an excellent choice for receiving bays. Its exterior corrugations provide for tight bending and easy handling. Designed for adverse conditions or cleanup as water will not pool with use of the FRH. Versatile and flexible, this hose is ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI while not imparting taste or odor.

    • Perfect for receiving bays
    • Corrugations provide tight bending
    • Ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI
    • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
    Standard Features
    • Exterior Corrugations
    • Easy Handling/Bending
    • Suction & Discharge
    • Will Not Pool
    • Non-Imparting of Taste or Odor

    FPE UHMW-PE S&DFPE UHMW PE S&D Food Grade Hose

    Product Description

    An economical alternative for fluoropolymer-lined hose. With a low friction cover, it’s a significant addition to their chemical hose line. It handles the majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity and suction applications. FPE is crush and kink-resistant, and durable for challenging applications.

    • Alternative for fluoropolymer-lined hoses
    • Low friction cover
    • Crush and kink resistant
    • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
    Standard Features
    • Resistant to Harsh Chemicals
    • Low Friction/Easy Drag
    • Highly Flexible
    • Wear Resistant
    • Full Vacuum
    • Easy Clean-Up
    • Long Length 130 ft.

    FDF Dry Food TransferFDF Dry Food Transfer Hose

    Product Description

    This suction and discharge hose, with its anti-static tube and conductive cover, is excellent for wet or dry abrasive materials, like sugar or powdered milk. It’s designed to be extremely flexible and is suited for extreme environments.

    • Perfect for wet or dry abrasive materials
    • Extremely flexible
    • Suited for extreme environments
    • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
    Standard Features
    • Tube: White, FDA, Anti-Static, NBR
    • Reinforcement: Spiral ply cords w/2 steel helix wires and static wire
    • Recommended Cleaning: CIP, COP
    • Cover: Green w/conductive black stripe
    • Temperature Range: -15 to 180° F
  3. FLUX Pumps for the Cosmetic Sector and Personal Care: Transfer of Peeling Cream for Filling

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    App CosmeticsIn the world of commodities, every detail is crucial when it comes to a well-groomed appearance. That is why cosmetic products, in particular, are available in every shade. At FLUX, they make sure that the usually costly media are always precisely filled, decanted, and metered.

    In order to carefully transfer pastes, gels, Vaseline or high-viscosity cosmetics such as mascara at a constant volume and fill or decant them into a variety of containers, you can rely FLUX pumps, which do exactly what they should and reliably deliver what their customers expect: exceptional filling results and consistent quality.

    Application examples:

    Exfoliating scrubs Iodine Serum
    Alcohols Lanolin Shampoo
    Cleaning oil Liquid soap Silicone oil
    Concentrates Makeup Toothpaste
    Essential oils Mascara Various alcohols
    Ethanol Ointments/Creams Various cleaners
    Face mask Peeling creme Vaseline
    Glycerine Perfume Wax
    Hair gel Perfume oils
    Hand cream Propylene glycol

    Transfer of Peeling Cream for Filling

    A wide variety of facial and body peeling creams are to be transferred from drums and mixing containers to the filling process.

    Eccentric worm-drive pump F 560 GS
    Three-phase motor
    For the application designed accessories on request

    Application description:
    Prior to the use of the FLUX eccentric worm-drive pump, the various facial and body peeling creams were transferred by hand into the supply containers for the filling machines. This proved to not only be time-consuming but also unhygienic. Now the FLUX F 560 GS eccentric worm-drive pump in the gear unit version has taken over this transferring path.

    The material is pumped out of drums and mixing containers that are placed alongside the filling systems. Low rotational speeds ensure very gentle pumping. Shearing is very low – as is the case for FLUX eccentric worm-drive pumps in general – and therefore there is no danger that the consistency of the peeling cream will change. The levels of the supply containers are monitored, i.e. the eccentric worm-drive pumps are switched on and off as needed. All in all, the filling process runs much quicker – with significant time savings for the customer.



  4. Certa Pumps Eradicate Yeast Handling Issues at Brewery

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    Certa Sine pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) have replaced rotary lobe pumps at a brewery in Germany, eliminating gassing issues and boosting pump efficiency.

    In the brewing process, once fermentation is complete, the yeast is recovered (or harvested) for re-use. However, much of this yeast settles at the bottom of the fermentation tank where it can set into compacted bulk so pumps with high suction capabilities are required to draw the solid yeast from the tank.

    Certa Brewery YeastGas Locking

    Yeast naturally forms bubbles during fermentation and can cause gassing-off (gas locking) issues for the pumps used to harvest it. Gas locking had serious and ongoing effects for the lobe pumps at the brewery, including a reduction in flow rate. This effect was particularly noticeable due to the need for long suction lines between multiple yeast tanks and the pump station.

    To overcome these challenges, the brewery invited WMFTG to assess the application and make its recommendations. Several stipulations were involved, including the requirement to handle various yeast viscosities, the need for self-priming, and no gas locking. With these thoughts in mind, the brewery was advised to adopt a Maso-Sine Certa 200 series pump.

    Certa offers both high suction capability and high flow. This performance level is consistent even with different yeast strains/viscosities and pipework runs. In fact, even compacted yeast is easily drawn from the fermentation vessel.

    Controlled process

    Certa pumping technology is virtually pulse-free, providing consistent flows despite varying product and system conditions, thus facilitating controlled yeast transfer. Due to the continuous and smooth pumping action, the pump draws the yeast from the bottom of the tank and avoids any turbulence that would cause the beer to mix with the settled yeast. This clarity enables the brewmaster to recognize immediately when the yeast removal process is complete and can stop the pump before losing beer.

    A further advantage of Certa technology is low-shear pumping. The presence of high shear can lead to poor quality beer, as well as high yeast usage and costs – issues avoided with the use of Certa pumps.

    It was a combination of these factors that prompted the brewery to install Certa 200 pumps, which duly led to successful and continuous yeast harvesting. The brew-master has since stated that ease of maintenance by the brewery’s personnel, and rapid CIP cleaning, are added advantages. Here, the simplicity of the Certa pumps reduces CIP cycles and the amount of water and cleaning agents required.




  5. Sandpiper SA1 / SA25 Obsolescence 06/21/2021 Being Replaced by HDF1 and HDF25

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    SA1 / SA25 Product Line Obsolescence & Transition to Improved HDF1 / HDF25

    Issue Date: 03/29/2021
    Effective Date: 06/01/2021
    Change Overview:
    The SA1 and SA25 metallic 1″ (25 MM) AODD – Flap Valve pumps will discontinue being manufactured effective June 1, 2021. This product line is replaced by the improved HDF1 and HDF25 1” metallic (25MM) AODD – Flap Valve pumps.

    HDF1 / HDF25 Benefits: HDF25 Pump

    The HDF1 & HDF25 product line has significantly improved performance characteristics and more favorable pricing over the outgoing SA1 & SA25.

    • MAX FLOW RATE: Over 65% higher max. flow rate!
    • AIR CONSUMPTION: up to 22% less air to operate, reducing the load on your compressed air system and lowering operating costs.
    • AIR ECONOMY: provides up to 17% more gallons out for every cubic foot of air supplied.

    Pumps & Parts Affected:

    • All pump models beginning with SA1 and SA25 will discontinue being manufactured on June 1, 2021.
    • All exclusive supporting “non-wear” service parts will continue to be supported for approximately 1 year. (ex. Castings, manifolds, etc.)
    • All exclusive supporting “wear” service parts will continue to be supported for approximately 3 years (ex. Kits, diaphragms, flaps, etc.)





  6. Liquiflo FTS-Series Pumps: High Suction Lift, Run-Dry Capable PD Pumps!

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    World’s BEST Dry-Run Capability, HIGHEST Suction Lift of any PD Pump of its size in the Industry

    Liquiflo FTS Transfer PumpLiquiflo’s FTS-Series lobe pumps outperform all other pump technologies in suction lift capability and dry-run performance. The unique tri-lobe design with spring-loaded contact blades allows the pump to develop a significant vacuum for the outstanding dry lifting of liquids and self-priming capability. The blades made from an engineered resin allow for virtually continuous dry run use without damage to the pump.

    Our pumps and systems are used in a variety of industries including agriculture, petroleum, and petrochemical to mining, marine and industrial, and can handle a wide range of fluids, including diesel fuel, motor oil, antifreeze, aviation fuels, gasoline, gear lubes, chemicals, glycol and more.


    • CONTINUOUS DRY RUN – Engineered materials allow for a continuous dry run without damage.
    • SELF-PRIMING – These positive displacement pumps quickly self-prime and will NOT vapor lock.
    • HIGH SUCTION LIFT – The contacting blades allow the pump to develop a significant vacuum, lifting liquids in excess of 20 feet.
    • REVERSIBLE FLOW – Can be operated bi-directionally.
    • FLUID COMPATIBILITY – Used to pump fluids such as jet fuels, diesel, gasoline, water, coolant, lubricants, hydraulic oils, crude oil, and other similar fluids.


    • BOOSTED SUCTION – Boost impeller reduces NPSHr of the pump allowing it to pump High vapor pressure fluids with reduced risk of cavitation.
    • LOW NPSHr – Lowest NPSHr in its class, Excellent for high vapor pressure fluids or when dealing with low suction pressure conditions.
    Liquiflo FTS Typical Fluids Pumped

    Typical Fluids Pumped

    Liquiflo FTS Transfer Applications

    Liquiflo FTS Transfer Applications





  7. New Graco® Husky® 3300e Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps

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    Graco Husky 3300e Poly Large

    Graco®’s proven quality and leading technology will keep you pumping longer. Husky® EODD pumps are on the cutting edge of pump technology, providing you a significant decrease in operating costs and more control over your process.


    • Flow rates up to 220 gpm
    • Up to 80% energy reduction vs. pneumatic
    • Runs dry, stalls under pressure, and self-primes
    • Highest quality component materials



    • Up to 80% reduction in energy usage compared to AODD
    • Low pulsation without costly dampeners
    • Near 0 dB in-plant noise pollution
    • Accurately meter fluid with VFD controls*
    • ATEX and explosion-proof motors available

      Graco Husky 3300e SS No Compressor ATEX


    • Runs dry
    • Self primes
    • Stalls under pressure
    • Seal-less design


    • Multiple material options to transfer any industrial fluids
    • Modular design uses the same long-life elastomers as AODD
    • Transfer solids, slurries, and abrasives without damaging the pump or shearing your material




  8. GuardEX Metallic Diaphragm Pumps

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    Nomad GuardEX Side

    ATEX certified GuardEX PWR-FLO metallic pumps from JDA Global

    These new 3″ models of NOMAD® pumps from JDA replace Wilden® PV/PX series pumps which are now obsolete. They are best suited to solvent and ATEX applications. Save money by saving your pumps. Don’t switch to the new Wilden pumps, repair your existing pumps with NOMAD® parts or replace them with drop-in equivalents from NOMAD®.


    • Metallic Air Valves:
      • All model sizes
        • N01-2030-01
        • N02-2030-01
        • n04-2030-01 (Fits 1.5″/2″/3″)
      • Fits OEM Model Pump Line Made Obsolete ( Wilden® PV Pumps)
      • Wilden® is forcing its current pumps to switch out for new patented technology


    Nomad GuardEX Front

    NOMAD® pumps are not just replacements of OEM AODD pumps, but improvements. They have been innovating for years on OEM designs. Before you replace you’re Wilden® Pumps, contact us for a quote and more information to learn how much you can save.




  9. Newly Launched FBF North American HQ for Better Service and Support

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    FBF North America Logo and Slogan

    FBF Italia is proud to introduce FBF North America our North American hub for homogenizers and p.d. pumps located in Wisconsin, responsible for Sales, Service and Spare Parts.

    FBF Italia Homogenizer


    Since 1987, FBF ITALIA has designed and manufactured high-pressure homogenizers and positive displacement piston pumps. Their leadership and industry expertise are evidenced by a worldwide presence. They successfully serve over 125 countries through 23 authorized service and sales centers. FBF’s customer commitment is further supported by the wear resistance of their components, and an effective service program. They are a key partner to engineering companies, process systems integrators, manufacturers and end-users working in a variety of industries such as dairy, ice cream, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. The basis of their success is the direct relationship established between themselves and their customers; a bond that continues to grow and evolve. Continuous innovation, strict quality controls and stress tests are just a few tenets of their philosophy that guarantee the high quality and reliability of their products

    A COMPLETE range of applications.


    FBF homogenizers guarantee a more stable, digestible and uniformly dispersed product. Homogenized products improve the shelf-life, taste and aesthetic appearance. There is an array of models, with a capacity ranging from 16 to 16,000 gph and pressures from 1,450 to 21,800 psi, making their products suitable for a large variety of applications even laboratories. All of their machines can be 3A certified and are electrically pre-disposed for ULCSA local certification.

    Springer Pumps is an authorized distributor for FBF North America.




  10. 1/4″ and 1/2″ Polypropylene Pumps with Clamped Design

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    JDA GLOBAL is pleased to announce the introduction of its 1/4” and 1/2” poly pumps in CLAMPED design. These units round out our offering in these two sizes in polypropylene material, having released their companion pumps in BOLTED design earlier on.

    These NPF07 and NPF15 poly, clamped models add versatility in liquid connection points, with center-ported design and swivel tee section feature, to allow the user easier drum or tote evacuation.

    All pertinent elastomers are available, while the design is a 100% retrofit to the leading AODDP brand.

    For nomenclature and price, contact JDA GLOBAL.